The Benefic Network™: Topics Covered

Home Improvement
General home improvement
Specific home repair and maintenance
Specific do-it-yourself home improvement projects
General home lighting resources
Do-it-yourself home lighting projects
General rugs and flooring resources
Ideas for organizing the space in your home
Home Decoration & Design
Interior design resources
Design ideas for specific rooms
General home decoration tips
Ideas for better kitchens
Ideas (e.g., decorating) for better bathrooms
Resources for bathroom remodeling and redesign
Resources for home lighting design
Personal organization ideas
Family and home organization
Home Safety & Security
Protecting your home from intruders
Child safety (at home, during travel, and more)
Home safety (e.g., from accidents, fires, and more
Small Business, Home Business
Small office, home office resources
Planning, design and organizing a home office
Solutions for home businesses
Hobbies & Recreation
Resources for better home gardening
Specific types of gardens and garden locations
Resources for organic gardening
Resources of interest to rug collectors & aficionados
Rug making and rug crafts
Sports & Games
Resources on the sport of biking/cycling.
Resources on the sport of Triathlon.
Resources on the game of pool/billiards
Table games such as foosball, ping pong & air hockey
Resources for game rooms and gaming
Health & Nutrition
Resources on sports training and nutrition.
Resources on the healthly food and drink.
The role of calcium in promoting better health.
Resources for promoting children's health.
Resources on better health through better nutrition,
Resources for promoting women's health.
Resources for promoting health naturally & holistically.
Senior Care
Resources for helping to care for senior parents and loved ones.
Resources for promoting better health of senior citizens.
Resources for senior lifestyle.


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